Making design smarter, faster and easier for everyone using AI and data analytics to simplify the creative process


Creativity Re-inmagined

From supporting creatives worldwide with premium stock images since 2000, Inmagine has evolved into a creative ecosystem encompassing various creative assets and business models, spanning across 44 countries with over 20 years of bootstrapping experience.

Our suite of products includes world-class stock libraries of images, vectors, audio, footage, design elements, templates and editing tools to cater for multiple clientele, geography and partners.

Powered by design, technological innovation and entrepreneurship, Inmagine is forging a future where design is within reach for everyone, one that enables the world to design smarter, faster and easier like never before.

Success Story

  • One of the world’s largest stock image library with 72 million items, drawing 16-18 million visitors a month, in 2017 ​
  • 123RF - Search and download from over 150 million stunning photos, illustrations, footage, and audio files. Content Usage Management Tool for remote and collaborative use. ​
  • Pixlr - Sole mission to make design easy and accessible to all, leveraging on AI and machine learning to revolutionise content creation, to date it has garnered tens of millions of monthly users ​
  • - Create any video in multiple dimensions, complete with voice-over, subtitle & music within 2 mins. Videomaker is the ultimate A.I. powered, end-to-end text-to-video tool. ​
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What their client says...

" As an entrepreneur, running a startup had it’s limitations. But since adopting Inmagine’s AI tools into my business, I save on headcount and speed up the time it takes to complete a marketing/design task "

Chief Executive Officer at Zulauf Ltd

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