MyDroneTech Platform is a one-stop-knowledge management centre on anything that you need to know about the DroneTech ecosystem. This platform gathers information on local and global DroneTech initiatives, programs, news and updates.

You would be able to keep up to date on the latest technology as well as regulation updates related to the drone ecosystem.


Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) are often referred to as DRONE (Dynamic Remotely Operated Navigation Equipment) that is usually controlled by a drone pilot or pre-programmed flight routes. Unmanned systems are also applied on land and water which are commonly referred to as autonomous robots and remote operated vehicles (ROV).

Nowadays, people use drones for aerial operations (where property developers can get a bird’s eye view of their assets) and precision agriculture that helps farmers manage their crops (which normally can take a large amount of time).


There are now institutions being built to up-skill the local workforce to accommodate this new economy, such as ​https://asiadronetech.com/​Asia Drone & IoT Technologies and ​Drone Academy Asia​ that focus on providing training to aspiring drone pilots.

Alongside remote-controlled drones being a concept that’s all the rage right now, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is another vital element for drones in the future where they’ll be able to fly autonomously with a low-degree of error.


Malaysia’s growth in the drone economy has been quite impressive, with ​Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC)​, playing a key role of being a platform for tech companies to form ecosystems.

As for the future, MDEC along with Cyberview is also looking to make Cyberjaya the world’s first drone-friendly city. So the next time you’re around Cyberjaya, head over to the Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC)—the Obama circle is now a drone-friendly area.

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