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Are you an indie South-East Asian game studio looking for a publisher or investments for your game project? You’ve come the right place! Pitch your game projects directly to publishers and investors at our online LEVEL UP KL Indie Pitch event. 


2nd Jul – 27th Aug

Game project to be submitted within the dates given.

Judging & Shortlisting
31st Aug – 14th Sept

Judges to write comments and feedback to developers and prepare questions for Live Q&A

Shortlist Announcement
15th Sept

Submitted project will be shortlisted.

Pitch Day
23rd Sept

10 mins Live Pitching to each judges, followed by 10 mins Live Q&A


  • Indie companies
  • Games for all platforms (Mobile, PC, Console)
  • Unpublished games preferred, but published games are welcome too!


  • Pitch Deck (Milestone Calendar, Prototype/Gameplay)
  • 15 mins Pre-Recorded Video (Video resolution: 1920×1080, File Format: .mp4)
  • Playable build / prototype link for LEVEL UP KL Pitch Judges (via SEA Game Awards submission) – (if applicable)

Pitch Video Content Suggestions

We suggest the 15-minute video to cover some of the content below:

  • About self/team
  • About the idea/project​​​​
  • Brief description of the game ​​
  • Description about the gameplay mechanisms​​
  • Concept, visuals & core Gameplay​​
  • Key features / Unique selling points​​​​
  • Target audience​​
  • Market gap & opportunities​​
  • Comparison with competitive titles​​
  • Projection and Costing​​
  • Current project progression plan​​​​
  • Project development plan and timeline​​
  • Sales plan​​
  • Targeted platforms​​
  • What type of publishing services / investment fund you need​​​​
  • Utilization plan​​
  • Marketing plan


For more questions or information, please contact us at  [email protected]