Blockchain has taken the world by storm, but there is still time to act! The technology that powers open ledgers and decentralisation is still young and has a wide-open playing field.

Join us as we uncover how gaming and blockchain technology intersects and together, explore opportunities in this technology space. The Blockchain Bootcamp is a one-day affair covering the most important things related to the blockchain gaming industry.


The LEVEL UP KL Blockchain Bootcamp will cover a wide range of areas to make sure you are equipped with the knowledge and insight to explore potential game and digital content opportunities in this up and coming space:

Overview of Blockchain & Games​

Fintech, Decentralised Finance (DeFI), Game Economics and Tokenomics

NFTs & Metaverse : The New Reality​

Play-To-Earn in Southeast Asia: Panel Discussion


Witek Radomski

CTO, Enjin

George Wong

Malaysia Growth Lead, The Sandbox

Sebastien Borget

COO & Co-Founder, The Sandbox

Ben Fairbank

CEO, RedFOX Labs

Jeffrey Zirlin

Co-Founder & Growth Lead, Sky Mavis

Gabby Dizon

Co-Founder, Yield Guild Games

Fadzly Yusof

General Manager, RFOX Games

Mohan Low

Director, Digital Creative Content, MDEC


9:45 am
Emcee Intro & Housekeeping Announcement
9:50 am
Blockchain Bootcamp Opening Talk
Mohan Low (MDEC)
10:00 am
NFTs And The Future of Gaming

A sharing session on how next generation blockchain tokens are paving the road for interoperable gaming assets.

Witek Radomski (Enjin)
10:45 am
Session Break (5 minutes)
11:00 am
Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem Southeast Asia

A discussion on what opportunities exist in the Southeast Asian markets for blockchain game developers, players and creators, including RedFOX Labs approach to blockchain gaming through its RFOX Games division and how the next wave of games in the region will be free to play and earn and how it will usher in a wave of crypto users.

Ben Fairbank (RedFOX Labs)
12:00 pm​
Lunch Break
2:00 pm​
Blockchain Game Tokenomics

Understand tokenomics and its various types of implementations especially in blockchain games & deconstructing tokenomics for effective integration.

George Wong (The Sandbox)
3:00 pm​
Session Break (15 minutes)
3:15 pm​
Building The Open NFT Metaverse And Its Jobs Opportunities

NFTs are changing the way we live, work, create, play, and earn in virtual worlds, empowering players, creating value—and new jobs—in the Metaverse. In this era of new possibilities, The Sandbox is emerging as the main NFT-based, open metaverse, where all the content, the economy and even the governance of our virtual world will be in the hands of the players, creators, and users who contribute to this world. Learn more about the Creators Economy and Play-to-Earn model and see what are the new job opportunities offered by it. 

Sebastien Borget (The Sandbox)
4:15 pm​
Session Break (15 minutes)
4:30 pm​
The Next Wave : Play-To-Earn Blockchain Games

Attention to play-to-earn games are on the rise. Understand what play-to-earn is and what it means to you as a games developer. Hear from some of the top projects and pioneers in the space to understand how you can get started.

Mohan Low (MDEC) - Moderator

Gabby Dizon (Yield Guild Games)

Jeffrey Zirlin (Sky Mavis)

Fadzly Yusof (RFOX Games)

5:30 pm​
Session Break (15 minutes)
5:45 pm​
Thoughts And Key Takeaways From The Bootcamp
Jasni Zain
6:00 pm​
Session End


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