The Islamic Digital Economy Guide (Mi’yar) serves as references for startups, venture capital and supporting ecosystem players who wish to explore and understand various components of Islamic Digital Economy such as Islamic Venture Capital, Business Operation and Product & Services in Shariah compliant or Halal perspective.

The development of IDE Mi’yar is in line with MDEC’s guiding principles in attracting investors, building critical enablers, encouraging usage of technology and creating a facilitative environment for the digital ecosystem. This development is to further enhance Malaysia’s position as the leader in Islamic economy globally, having been the international hub for Islamic finance and the world standard of halal certification.

Islamic Digital Economy (IDE) Compliant Mi’yar
Positioning Malaysia as the focal point of reference for Islamic Digital Economy 
Islamic Venture Capital Mi’yar
Helps venture capital to understand investment in accordance to Shariah law
Shariah Compliant Startup Mi’yar
Provides an understanding of shariah-compliant business practices 
Mi’yar for Technology Product & Services from Halal Perspective
A guide on digital product and services from halal perspective or Shariah compliant
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