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Learning to Grow

Your business market will change with time. Will you?

Businesses now need to adapt and change more rapidly with today’s dynamic markets. As your business grows, you may begin to find limitations in the growth of your original target market.

Adapting and strategising for expansion beyond the local market is essential in these days, but this can be challenging without the right guidance. As such Alibaba Business School, in collaboration with MDEC, Matrade and SME Corp, is offering their Alibaba Netpreneur training course, a 10-day programme in Hangzhou, China, to help you achieve your business’s full potential through e-Commerce.

Curriculum Framework for Alibaba Netpreneur Training

Alibaba Netpreneur Training

Enrolment criteria:

  • You MUST be a founder/co-founder or business owner of an officially registered venture that has been in operation for at least 2 years.
  • Applicants below 40 years old.
  • You MUST provide at least 1 referral in your application (MDEC, Matrade, SME Corp or others).
  • You MUST provide your official business license when requested during the application process.

Participants will be responsible for their airfare tickets and lodging at Hangzhou, as well as personal expenses.

Alibaba will provide daily meal allowance for lunch and dinner, and for the field trip and site visit transportation costs.

Grow your business and become a successful global merchant!

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