Solving a problem

Does it address a real challenge in the market or society?


Disrupting current methods or current market? Make a real impact in the market or create a new niche?


Has barriers of entry that will make replication difficult for competitors.


Relevant, scalable, repeatable, flexible, not obsolete, in accordance to international standards.

Key project challenges and mitigation plan

Adequately addressed and well thought off

Proposed project timeline, activities, deliverables and resource allocation

SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely)

Composition of all the project personnel

Necessary expertise and experience/track record to deliver the project.

Outsourcing/collaborating with Malaysian incorporated companies and/or universities/research institutions

  • Contribution is impactful and significant to the ecosystem development?
  • Justifications for not outsourcing/ collaborating with Malaysian incorporated entities valid and acceptable. Applicant has laid out plans to develop the ecosystem to address the ecosystem gaps.