Target market and its market size as well as annual growth defined. Applicant demonstrated can achieve a realistic potential market share.


Does the applicant have a defensible market position? What other businesses are in competition with this project which are not identified?


Demonstrated a realistic, scalable business/revenue model that can achieve explosive growth. Defined clear identifiable revenue streams with good gross/net margins.

Proven model

Demonstrated market validation of market’s acceptance of the proposed product/service.

Sales & marketing expertise

With proven track record to achieve sales target has been adequately identified.

Proposed strategies (including COE if applicable), plans, approaches, and activities

impactful, significant, sustainable to the growth of Malaysian economy, brings catalytic impact to the ecosystem, creates economic spillover.

Benefits derived from the project

Credible, realistic and impactful and benefiting Malaysians and Malaysia. Proposed long term plan demonstrated the applicant’s long-term commitment in Malaysia.