Market gap

Market gap addressed is critical and relevant.


Proposed strategies, plans, approaches, services, and activities are critical, impactful, significant, sustainable and achievable in: Achieving the following GTF objectives:

  • Improve the prospects of innovative, high growth Malaysian technology start-ups achieving commercial success in international markets as well as scaling up the start-ups.
  • Assist innovative, high growth Malaysian technology start-ups by delivering a range of impactful activities to develop the capabilities required to realise their economic potential in international markets faster than they otherwise would; and
  • Develop Malaysia’s digital ecosystem in the identified technology area's

- Contributing to the growth of the Malaysian economy

- Bringing catalytic impact to the ecosystem development

- Leading to economic spillover


Benefits derived from the proposed project are credible, realistic and impactful. Proposed long term plan demonstrated the applicant’s long term commitment in Malaysia.

Innovation ecosystem

Proposed leveraging on network of contacts/partners (if applicable) is critical, significant and impactful towards achieving the GTF’s objectives of catalyzing digital innovation ecosystem and developing innovative, high growth Malaysian technology start-ups.

Outsourcing / collaborating with Malaysian incorporated companies an / or universities / research institutions

Contribution from proposed outsourcing/collaborating with Malaysian incorporated companies and/or universities/research institutions (if applicable) is impactful and significant to the ecosystem development. If there are any ecosystem gaps, the applicant has laid out credible plans to develop the ecosystem to address the gaps.