Live Stream Selling: Payment Gateway Explained


Integrating the right payment gateway into your live streaming selling is an easy way to connect potential customers to your products. Automating this step allows you to redirect precious time and energy spent manually taking payments to accomplishing other tasks. In this session, Chia Wei will bring audiences to review the fundamentals of a payment gateway integration, methods used to take payments, and conduct a live demonstration showing the administrative and customer perspective of interacting with a payment gateway. In short, helping you understand the nitty gritty of how it works and how to pick the right payment gateway or partner.

Date & Time
Brand / Speaker

10 December 2020, Thursday

12:00pm – 1:15pm


ManagePay Systems Berhad (MPay) is a provider of end to end electronic payment, finance technology (Fintech) solutions and service provider for banks and financial institutions, merchants and card issuers with operations across Malaysia. MPay operates a payment system which allows the company to acquire merchants and facilitate merchants’ ability to accept credit, debit, loyalty and stored value cards. Well established to become a major Regional end to end Payment and Financial Service solution and service provider, MPay differentiates from competitors and existing market with new and comprehensive innovation to capture new business opportunities and potentials in the Fintech space.

Tan Chia Wei, Group Chief Marketing Officer

Chia Wei has over 18 years of marketing, advertising, events and PR experience spanning multiple industries including banking, fashion and fast moving consumer goods (FMCG). Over the last three years, she has been the spokesperson and trainer for SME Digitalisation campaign as MPay’s representative. Invited by the likes of MDEC, SMECorp Gorgeous Geek and more, Chia Wei has given talks, been invited to panel sessions, and conducted training workshops across the country. She is also the founder of Berani Project’, a social enterprise focused on financial literacy and creation of livelihood for underserved communities.