How to keep your fresh produce, fresh during delivery?


Delivery of fresh produce such as fruits & vegetables can be very challenging. Sellers will need to ensure their products remain fresh throughout the delivery process. This also applies to other products such as frozen seafood and meat. Learn how to utilise GOLOG, an intelligent cold chain logistic platform to get your fresh produce delivery right. We will also share the importance of utilising system link covering both upstream to downstream such as farmers, fisherman, wholesalers and retailers. Learn how to use a combination of crowdsource and traditional logistic solutions to provide an optimised mode of delivery.

Date & Time
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9 December 2020, Wednesday

2:00pm – 3:15pm


GOLOG is different with other logistic platforms as it empowers business owner with complete logistics solution and inventory management. This provides real-time insights into product volume and goods movements. This combined with geographical and sales data, B2B businesses are able to identify their best performing SKUs, minimising returns and improve margins. This is critical especially in cold chain products as their life span is short and temperature sensitive. GOLOG uses an intelligent inventory system to determine the best packaging and optimised delivery routes to ensure customer’s need are being fulfilled. GOLOG is currently focusing on linking farmers to customers both in the upstream and downstream markets which allows farmer to further reduce their cost.

Ivan Chin Wen Hau, Founder & CEO

Ivan Chin, Founder & CEO of GOLOG, having 7 years working experience previously at Samsung Manufacturing as purchaser & logistics officer and financial industries as bank manager With experience, passion & knowledge about the market, Ivan Chin launched GOLOG the first cold chain logistics platform in Malaysia in September 2017. Along the challenging startup journey in cold chain industries, Ivan Chin achieved several awards with his team such as JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur Awards Top10 Finalist in 2018, AEEF Malaysia Top 20 Young entrepreneur, selected for Alibaba Netpreneur Program 2019 Batch 1, Create @ Alibaba Cloud Startup Contest Top 10 Finalist and ScaleUp Malaysia Top 10 startups.