How To Best Manage E-Commerce Fulfilment?


This webinar will cover one of the most important part of e-commerce, e-fulfilment. How does knowledge in e fulfilment help you decide market places and promotions (eg: live selling)? Learn best case practices in e-fulfilment and the logistics process flow to be able to ensure good customer experience.

Date & Time
Brand / Speaker

9 December 2020, Wednesday

12:00pm – 1:15pm


TresGo is an e commerce fulfilment company founded in 2016 to serve the micro and SME market for their logistics needs. “Tres” in TresGo is “three” in Spanish representing three of our core services which are storage, packing and delivery. Together with our partners, we are a one stop solution for logistics needs, covering services such as transportation arrangement for import (via sea, land and air), customs clearance, warehousing, inventory management, as well as distribution for B2B and B2C. TresGo is powered by a solid e-fulfilment and warehousing system that is integrated to more than 50 marketplaces and webstores enabling seamless fulfilment operations. Let your stress go with TresGo!

Nadhra Fauzi, Director & Co-Founder (TresGo Sdn Bhd)

Nadhra Fauzi is a Co Founder at TresGo. TresGo is an e fulfilment company targeting micro and retail SMEs helping them with their logistics fulfilment needs. Tres, in TresGo is 3 in Spanish representing 3 of its core services which are storage, packing and delivery. In addition to that, together with their partners, they offer end to end logistics services including inbound shipment from overseas via sea/air freight, customs clearance, warehousing, kiting, pick & pack and delivery for both B2B and B2C. Nadhra is a graduate from University of Bristol in Bsc Accounting and Finance and has corporate experience in the investment department at both Khazanah, Ekuinas and a short stint at BCG.