Across the causeway, Singapore is home to 5.6 million people, of which 3.3 million of them are active internet shoppers. With an annual eCommerce consumer spending of 2.4 Billion USD, each shopper in Singapore spends an average of 700 USD per year shopping online.

Malaysian goods are becoming more popular with Singaporeans than ever. With restrictions in tourism, more Singaporeans are turning to eCommerce to fulfill their shopping from Malaysian merchants.

Join MDEC, GETS Asia, Aramex, and Shopify expert; Jumpstart Commerce in a 1-hour webinar. Learn about eCommerce selling platforms, government support, customs regulation, shipping, logistics, and everything you need to know to sell seamlessly into the Singaporean market.


John Tan, Head, Service Delivery & Global Customer Experience @Global eTrade Services (GeTS).
Crystal Chin, Sales Manager at Aramex Malaysia
Carol Fung, Head of SME Adoption @MDEC
Xavier Lee, Managing Director, Jumpstart Commerce, Shopify Plus Partner


Jan 19, 2021, 02:00 PM in Kuala Lumpur