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What is Go-eCommerce Expo?

Previously known as e-Dagang Expo (eDX), Go-eCommerce Expo is a focused 3-days online event that focuses on everything e-commerce, featuring a series of curated webinars with special emphasis on Livestreaming eCommerce. Three critical points of considerations will be covered: Live Selling, Logistics and Payments.

What are the key objectives of Go-eCommerce Expo?

Through Go-eCommerce Expo, MDEC wants to promote and encourage the adoption of livestreaming e-commerce as a new sales channel for Malaysian businesses. By doing so, they are able to also adopt this new multi-channel selling approach and capture a wider audience as well as drive higher sales revenue through e-commerce.

What can we expect to experience at Go-eCommerce Expo?

Go-eCommerce Expo will feature 12 specially curated webinars, covering three key focus areas – Live Selling, Logistics and Payments. Go-eCommerce Expo will conclude with a LIVE Selling Carnival, featuring PeDAS participants. This 2-hour long sales event will be divided into four segments and viewers can purchase locally made products at incredible deals and discounts.

How to register for the Go-eCommerce Expo?

Those who want to find out more and register for Go-eCommerce Expo can head over to https://mdeccorporatew.wpengine.com/Go-eCommerceExpo/.

Are there any charges to register as an attendee for Go-eCommerce Expo?

No, there are no charges to participate in this event. All registrations are free of charge.

How do I join the event after registration?

Detailed instructions will be emailed to all registered participants. As this is a fully virtualised event, participants will only require a web browser (mobile or desktop) and an Internet connection to participate in the event.

How do we engage with MDEC as an e-commerce solution provider?

Potential partners who have an e-commerce solution can register at the following link: