Founders Grindstone – What is it about?

Founders Grindstone empowers tech entrepreneurs to maximise their potential and focus on helping their fundraising journey. Entrepreneurs will received first-had coaching via intensive workshop conducted by professional partners from investors, venture capital, equity crowdfunding platform and legal firm. This programme will also equip founders with the understanding of regulatory and legal issues that they might face while raising funds.

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Launching Batch 1 this year, we are partnering up with RHL Ventures and Donovan & Ho to bring you two part workshops entitled as below.
Apart from this, The Hive SEA, Bintang Capital and AC Ventures are also joining as supporting partners which will also be providing special incentives for Top 10 startups. 


Getting Your Legal House in Order by Donovan & Ho

Pre-Fundraising health check

Legal due diligence checklist

Regulatory compliance

Employment terms and contracts

Personal data due diligence

Website T&Cs

Registration Deadline: 1 March 2021
Workshop Date: 3 March 2021

To register for the above program, kindly create an account on our Funding Facilitation platform, then select the program that you are interested with and fill in your company details (Register -> Login -> Start Application -> Founders Grindstone)

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Investors Relations and Pitching Strategies

Relationship Building

Leveraging connections
  • Researching potential investors
  • Building and maintaining relationship
  • Pitching Essentials

  • Business Model
  • Product knowledge
  • Pitching strategy
  • Future plans and roadmap
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