Founders Grindstone – What is it about?

Founders Grindstone empowers tech entrepreneurs to maximise their potential and focus on helping their fundraising journey. Entrepreneurs will received first-had coaching via intensive workshop conducted by professional partners from investors, venture capital, equity crowdfunding platform and legal firm. This programme will also equip founders with the understanding of regulatory and legal issues that they might face while raising funds.

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Founders Grindstone in A Snapshot

Founders Grindstone Pockets

  • Basics fundraising workshop for early stage startups and a refresher to founders
  • Program conducted through engagement with partners / state agencies
  • Ideally for startups who haven’t fundraised or early stage startups

  • Founders Grindstone Thematic

  • More comprehensive and thorough batches of fundraising workshop with professional partners
  • Thematically batched, to provide more focus on selected industry/ verticals
  • For all startup stages

  • Founders Grindstone Bootcamp

  • 8 – week bootcamp for selected group of companies based on qualifying criteria
  • Complete end – to – end sharing on fundraising journey and processes
  • To end with Demo Day judged by investor partners

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