Young Population

Population of 102 millions with median age of 23.4

Digital Users

60 million users with 58% mobile users penetration.

English Literate

High English Proficiency with an EF EPI Score of 60.33 (Malaysia being 60.77)

Economic Stability

Philippines moved up 12 places in the 2017 Index of Economic Freedom due to robust economic growth and fiscal gains


  • Increase of GDP Growth of 5.2% to 5.4% for 2017; projected to grow by 6.5% in 2018 and beyond. Services constitutes over 60% of GDP
  • Low inflation at 2.7% and increasing domestic demand has created credit growth, as also higher opportunities
  • High influx of investments from China and India continue to fuel growth
  • High growth sectors including Travel, Transportation, Tourism, Agriculture, Supply Chain Management, Software Development and IT Infrastructure. Healthcare, Education are considered priority areas for growth and adoption of new solutions.

    GAIN Expand by Launchgarage Philippines

    In partnership with Launchgarage Philippines, MDEC has curated the GAIN EXPAND program specifically for local tech companies that are looking to explore business opportunities within the Philippines market and close impactful deals during the COVID19-recovery period.

    Through this program, Launchgarage will work closely with you to set the initial KPIs for this engagement, which will outline the quantity of business matching sessions and the expected timeline. Launchgarage will then assist you in identifying potential partners, establishing initial discussions, and meeting arrangements to maximise your chance of closing the deal.

    Launchgarage will also assist in providing you with a business address and space, which can be used for work, events, activations etc.


  • Program of workshops and meeting activities
  • Mentor costs
  • Seats at co-working space and access to meeting rooms
  • City transportation
  • Excluded

  • Flight tickets
  • Accommodation
  • Tickets to selected external eventsr
  • Personal consumption


    Business Matching – Cycle

    STEP 1: Initial Interview & Alignment Sessions

    STEP 2: Provisioning of Business Development Work Plan

    STEP 3: Approval & Roll-out of Business Development Plan

    STEP 4: Commencement of Business Development with Monthly Tracking

    STEP 5: Commencement of Business Matching Sessions with Technology Company and business leads

    STEP 6: Feedback and assessment for succeeding deals and follow-ups

    Semi-Annual Program Cost: US$ 2,500 for 4 Business Matching Deals

    Annual Program Cost: US$ 5,000 for 9 Business Matching Deals

    (Travel Cost not include)