What is Malaysia Tech Month 2020 (MTM 2020)?

It is a month-long thematic campaign organised by the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) that will curate and showcase reputable tech industry events, featuring inspiring leaders and innovators from the digital and technology ecosystems.

A fully virtual, super-charged event – it is the bigger and better iteration of the Malaysia Tech Week that took place in 2019.

MTM 2020 is designed for both domestic and foreign investors, funders and digital technology ecosystem players who are looking to land and expand in Southeast Asia. It is also for start-ups; entrepreneurs; corporates organisations; government stakeholders; small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs); and ecosystem players to showcase and share their innovations, experiences and future views of the digital economy in this new era of disruption.

Held throughout the month of November 2020, MTM 2020 is a combination of MDEC organised events and a curation of other unique technology events organised by industry partners. It will also include satellite events that tie-in with the goal of reinforcing Malaysia as the regional land and expand digital and technology hub.

In summary:
Date: 10 Nov to 30 Nov 2020
Venue: Fully virtual on various webinar and online meeting platforms

What are the key objectives of MTM 2020?

MDEC aspires to firmly establish Malaysia as the Heart of Digital ASEAN, and MTM 2020 will enable it to further strengthen confidence in the country as a compelling regional digital and tech hub with global reach. This is to further reinforce the nation as the most-suited for digital and tech investments in Southeast Asia.

To achieve these key objectives, MDEC will focus on these key pillars:

  • PROMOTE: Malaysia’s tech offerings to regional investors, industry players and potential ecosystem partners;
  • CATALYSE: More cross-border trade opportunities in Southeast Asia and boost interest for digital investments for Malaysia;
  • INCREASE: Preference of Malaysia as the Heart of Digital ASEAN and Southeast Asia’s most compelling digital and tech investments location;
  • LEVERAGE: On MTM 2020 as the platform to communicate Malaysia’s digital and tech value proposition to all stakeholders;
  • ENHANCE: Malaysia’s role as the first-mover and industry lead for digital and tech ecosystems

In summary:
MTM2020 will showcase Malaysia’s efforts and drive to become an exemplary digital nation that will thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) through its future-ready workforce, border-spanning innovations and strong support to cultivate a vibrant innovation economy.

The primary target audience: those keen on finding out more about the innovative and vibrant startup scene in Malaysia or want to discover why Malaysia is a hotbed for digital sector investments andthe a primary go-to for VCs and global tech companies.

What can we expect to experience at MTM 2020?

A robust line-up of activities have been planned and includes initiatives such as:

MDEC Events

  1. Malaysia Tech Month (MTM) 2020 Opening Conference
  2. Tech Leader Networking Platform
  3. LEVEL UP KL 2020 PLAY Day
  4. DataKita.Pulse
  5. Investment Week

Independently Organised Events

  1. Wild Digital by Catcha Group
  2. MyDroneTech Festival
  3. Tech Fest: Road to WCIT
  4. AdTech by MarketingMagazine
  5. IFN Asia Forum 2020 by REDmoney Events
  6. DigAC by MARDI

How do we register for the virtual events and webinars at MTM 2020?

Those who want to find out more and register for MTM 2020 or its various tie-in events can head over to https://titan.mdec.my/mtm2020/.

Why MTM 2020?

The end-goal for MTM 2020 is to continue and expand MDEC’s efforts carrying out its mandate of growing Malaysia’s digital economy and to firmly establish Malaysia as the Heart of Digital ASEAN.

It is about making Malaysia an appealing digital home for its citizens, tech entrepreneurs and global investors where they can prosper together.

MTM 2020 is MDEC’s capstone event and is the primary platform that will demonstrate a variety of strategic interventions, showcasing the ‘winning-formula’ that will set the course forward for Malaysia to thrive in the 4IR era.

The event aims to continue the nation’s growth trajectory, focusing on three economic pillars:

  • Enabling digitally-skilled talent: Through robust end-to-end talent development initiatives aimed at creating a sustainable talent pipeline to future-proof the country’s digital workforce.
  • Driving digitally-powered businesses: By fast-tracking digital adoption across all industries and catalysing the growth and innovation of homegrown tech companies and scale them up to become global champions.
  • Attract digital-sector investments: Creating an investor-friendly environment to facilitate FDIs, easing the entry of businesses into Malaysia and supporting their expansion.

This is to ensure that Malaysia continues to build a digital economy that delivers shared prosperity for all.