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  • Company needs to submit their FKW projection(s) for the current year. Complete document submission is required for Business Analyst to be able to access the projection. Please refer to checklist; Submission Checklist for Company Registration Projection
  • A Business Analyst will be assigned to assess the FKW projection submission and due diligence process will take place.
  • Upon complete assessment by the Business Analyst, the FKW projection will be queued for presentation to the Approval Committee. Note: Incomplete/dormant submissions will be closed at 60 days, in which, company is required to re-apply
  • Presentation to the Approval Committee The projection(s) will be deliberated by the Approval Committee Approval committee will either approve or reject the projections


  • Submittal of FKW Application and Payment

    Companies need to submit their FKW application including the full payment online.
  • The verification Process

    MDEC will verify the applicant(s) details with the completed documents
  • A Decision is made by MDEC and Immigration

    • -MDEC either approves or rejects the application
    • -The immigration department will then check if the applicant(s) are on a suspect list or have been blacklisted from entering the country
  • An Approval/Rejection Letter is issued

    MDEC will then issue an approval letter/rejection letter via the eXpats system

FKW is required to be outside Malaysia during approval process


  • Passport Submittal

    Prior to endorsement the applicant(s) will be required to obtain approval before entering Malaysia. Once the applicant has entered Malaysia, companies must make online payment (Immigration fees), then submit the applicant(s) passport(s) to MDEC
  • A Pass is Issues

    The Immigration Department will issue an endorsement sticker to be attached to the passport of the applicant(s)
  • Passport Collection

    Companies may collect their applicant(s) passport(s) at the eXpats Service Centre

Please refer to checklist before submission to ensure all documents are in place.

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