Identifying Non-Compliance Act By Highway Patrol Vehicle

Identifying Non-Compliance Act By Highway Patrol Vehicle

Problem Statement

Some of the non-compliance acts from patrol drivers are as follows;
a) Not wearing seat belts
b) Sleeping
c) Smoking
d) Vaping
e) Using smartphone and others.


As of now, monitoring and detecting such non-compliance acts in real-time are not possible. All highway patrol vehicles comes with an Oncore Video Recorder (OVR) which comprises of DVR that can support up to 3 cameras. It is wired to make it difficult to tamper.


The proposed solution is to utilize the OVR to monitor patrol personnel inside the vehicle. The system would notify their superior if any violations is detected.

Status : Closed

Dateline: 30/04/2022


  1. A successful PoC will be offered (upon capabilities)
  2. Business deal opportunities upon successful

Criteria / Eligibility

Eligibility Criteria

I. Open to local businesses, 51% Malaysian-owned companies (including University & Research institute spin-offs).
II. Solution must be technology based.
III. Experienced management team with good track records.
IV. Revenue generating company.