EDP is a continuous development programme to minimise skill gaps in digital creative content industry covering the component of technical, business acumen and educator development.


Help studios focus on getting new hires on board quicker by lowering the amount of in-house training required, thus shortening the process for talent to be production ready

A good way of community sharing since it formalises the instruction from industry seniors who able to share their applied knowledge and experience to a wider audience

This programme also benefits cross training business skills with creative knowledge, thus widening the overall appreciation and knowledge base


FEB-MAR 2022

Call for Application

-EDP 1 & 2

APR-JUN 2022

Call for Application

- EDP 3, EDP 4 & EDP 5


Call for Application

- EDP 6, EDP 7 & EDP 8

OCT-DEC 2022

Call for Application

-EDP 9 & EDP 10

JAN-FEB 2021
Preliminary Assessment
  • Design & plan of EDP 2021

MAR-NOV 2021
Recruitment & Training
  • Call for Application
  • EDP Session
Networking Session
  • Quarterly Networking

NOV 2021
Monitoring & Achievement
  • Post-Mortem & Achievement Report


  • IHL students (Diploma / Degree Undergraduates)
  • Fresh graduates
  • Unemployed talents
  • Semi-skilled/ skilled talents



Call for Application

The application window is open for 2 weeks before the event date, interested individuals to register on MDEC Platform


Application Screening

All applicants will be screened based on programme criteria and successful participants will be notified by MDEC


EDP Session

EDP will be conducted via online / physical


Session Feedback

EDP feedback will be consolidated for progress report/improvement



Participant to download e-certificate upon completion of each EDP session


1 & 2 APRIL 2022

Blender 3D Animation (Advanced)

by Asrul Nasirudin (Head Trainer, EXFCO Sdn Bhd)

31 May 2022

Brand Management - Marketing Strategies for Creative Industry

by Diyana Mahad, Lecturer, MMU Cyberjaya


18 June 2022

ZBrush for Beginners

by Vspire Academy

1 & 2 July 2022

UI UX Design Essentials

by Hussin Khan, Adobe Certified Instructor

23 July 2022

Digital Art for Beginners

by Jerome Liew, Graphic Designer

27 August 2022

Adobe Premiere Pro: Video Editing for Beginners

by John Prabakaran Solomon, Video Producer, Mashable Southeast Asia, REV Media Group

9 September 2022

Cinematography for 2D Animation (Beginner)

by Hasnan Moorsidi, Animator, Storyboard & 2D Artist
& Azwan Bin Abdullah (Wanji), Adobe Certified Instructor / Artist

1-2 October 2022

Visual Effects for Games in Unity (Beginner to Intermediate)

by Muhammad Iqbal; Game Developer, 3D Designer & NFT Enthusiast

2 October 2022

Essential of Web 3.0 including Blockchain

by Mario Bojilov; Lead Trainer, MBS Academy Malaysia

7-8 November 2022

Blender 3D Rigging & Sculpting in Animation (Beginner to Intermediate)

by Rabinath Kulasegaram; 3D, VFX, Multimedia, AR, VR & Games, Artist


Frequently asked question

EDP initiative is a continuous development programme to minimise skill gaps in digital creative content industry covering the component of technical, business acumen and educator development.

  • To help company to reduce cost in conducting pre-employment training and expedite employee training processes
  • To encourage the sharing of knowledge and experience in the digital content ecosystem
  • To expand and enhance skills related to the digital and business industries such as creative and technological knowledge, storytelling, arts, business and marketing principles, accounting and so forth.

Open to all Malaysia citizens who have interest in creative industry i.e institute higher learning students (Diploma / Degree undergraduates), fresh graduates, unemployed talents or semi-skilled/ skilled talents.

EDP ​​registration will be opened at least two weeks before the session date of each EDP session. Any interested applicants can register on this website.     

There is no admission fee to join the EDP.

EDP will be conducted as online learning via Zoom application.

Yes, a certificate will be given to each participant upon completing of each EDP session.