42 KL is a tuition-free computer programming school with a peer-to-peer learning environment that doesn’t involve teachers and lectures. 42 KL is an innovative educational model that was designed to develop the skills needed to jumpstart a career as a software engineer using a project-based learning approach. You begin your journey with our Piscine bootcamp which takes place for 28-days non-stop. Here with no prerequisite (for 18 years and above only), you will be thrown into a coding pool where you will learn how to survive in a digital world.


Must be above 18 years old. No coding / programming / digital skills required.

Training Mode

Full time / Physical Only

Training Duration

4 weeks (Piscine) / 28-days non-stop



Career Track

Introduction to Basic Coding & Programming skills

Skills Outcome

You will learn how to learn in an environment with no teachers and no classes. Through a peer-to-peer learning system, you will develop the skills to continuous learn.

You will gain basic coding and programming skills, equivalent to a computer science degree student such as unix development and systems networking.