Core Programme


42 KL is a tuition-free computer programming school with a peer-to-peer learning environment that doesn’t involve teachers and lectures. 42 KL is an innovative educational model that was designed to develop the skills needed to jumpstart a career as a software engineer using a project-based learning approach. We’re not a traditional university, and we’re not a coding bootcamp. 42 KL offers an unparalleled education opportunity to any Malaysian, regardless of socioeconomic and educational background. The concept has received tremendous traction in countries around the world, including Silicon Valley, and we are now ready to pioneer this tech talent development game changer in Malaysia.


Must complete 42 Kuala Lumpur Piscine

Training Mode

Full time / Physical Only

Training Duration

12 months (Core Programme) + 3 – 6 months Industry Placement



Career Track

Full Stack Engineer, Software Developer, Mobile App Developer, Cybersecurity Developer, AI Specialist, etc.

Skills Outcome

You can develop more than 15 skills at 42 Kuala Lumpur in areas such as imperative programming, parallel computing, algorithms and artificial intelligence.

You will not only develop technical skills but also important soft skills such as leadership and problem solving throughout your journey at 42 Kuala Lumpur.

A variety of projects will be tied to an industry partner that would give you the edge by solving current industry challenges.