Full-Stack Web Development Bootcamp


This 10-week, intensive bootcamp is the fastest route for beginners to learn and become a full-stack developer with both front-end and back-end web development skills. Participants will learn and develop the ability to think like a programmer through this 400 hour, hands-on, fun and immersive mentor-led programme and subsequently be capable of solving various programming challenges in addition to learning new languages or frameworks necessary for work.


Programming background is not required

Strong problem-solving skills

Attend an admission interview to assess readiness

Possess your own laptop

Training Mode

Full-Time (Physical class)

Training Duration

10 weeks training (inclusive of group project)


RM 11,500.00

Career Track

Full-stack Web Developer, Dev Ops Engineer, Software Engineer

Skills Outcome

Able to build static frontend websites using HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Able to create highly interactive and complex front-end user experiences with ReactJS, one of the most sought after frontend framework globally.

Able to build fully functioning full-stack web applications with Python and Flask.