Deep Learning Engineer


Deep Learning Certification is our master certification to groom AI talent potential and career path in AI in the area of Deep Learning. Our certification is a certified short course that starts from the basics to the practical skills needed to solve real world problems. This includes an in-depth study of data pipelines and deep learning model development from deploying deep learning to production.
It also incorporates theoretical and hands-on sessions to reinforce technical concepts. Lab-intensive training and certification exams are designed to prepare participants for advancement into a career path with competent skills and competence.


MS degree in Computer Science, similar technical field of study or equivalent practical experience, Strong ability to write high quality code in Java and/or Python.

Ability to educate/deliver technical contents with great clarity. Have passion in educating crowds on technical content.

Training Mode

Physical class training, Online, Blended

Training Duration

1 months – 3 weeks training + 1 weeks project/attachment



Career Track

Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Data Analyst

Skills Outcome

Analyze large-scale structured and unstructured data such as numbered data, sequential data, images, and others

Initiate and drive projects in building prototypes of deep learning applications

Utilize Deep Learning algorithms for classification, regression, or other type of problems

Design and develop models for computer vision use cases such as recognition, object detection, semantic and instance segmentation, tracking, action recognition, etc

Deliver computer vision solutions in a production environment