Data Science Immersive


Organizations can benefit from insights and predictive models for business needs ranging from customer segmentation to personalized product recommendations…but only if they have the talent to support it. This is your best course for a career transformation. This full-time data science course features expert instruction and connections to top employers to get you hired. In this course, participants build on Level 1 Data Skills to dive into Level 2 advanced analytics and machine learning in Python.


Strong mathematical foundation (recommended).

Familiarity with Python and programming fundamentals.

Students are assigned up to 12 hours of Data Science Fundamentals pre-work to prepare for the class.

Training Mode


Physical class / Online / Blended

Training Duration

3 months – 12 weeks training + project



Career Track

Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Data Analyst

Skills Outcome

Level 1 Data Skills: Wrangle, explore, model, and communicate the results of multiple analyses with Python and its many packages.

Level 2 Data Skills: Work on rigorous advanced analytics data sets and practice machine learning techniques in depth.This is broken down through the following units:

  • Practice the fundamentals of data science by generating descriptive statistics and visualisations in Python
  • Practice exploratory data analysis to clean and aggregate data and identify the basic statistical testing values of your data in Python and SQL.
  • Explore effective study design and model evaluation and optimisation, implementing linear and logistic regression and classification models.
  • Collect and connect external data to add nuance to your models using web scraping and APIs.
  • Build machine learning models.
  • Explore the differences between supervised and unsupervised learning via clustering, natural language processing, and neural networks.
  • Dive deeper into recommender systems, neural networks, and computer vision models, implementing what you’ve learned to productise models.