CodeOp’s Data Analytics Bootcamp


You will learn the different steps of the data analysis pipeline, from ingestion to modelling to communicating insights. The data types covered in this course include relational data (e.g.-data tables), and complex data types such as text and geospatial information. You’ll start with the key technologies and concepts needed to build a solid technical foundation before delving into basic statistics and applied machine learning before our more advanced data analytics module.
You will then build end-to-end data analytics projects individually as well as in groups. By the end of the program, you will be able to identify which sort of questions can be solved with data analytics, and how to solve them, by leveraging the right combination of tools.


Basic numeracy and logical thinking skills

Proficiency in English Language

Training Mode


Training Duration

6 months – 20 weeks training + 6 weeks project/attachment



Career Track

Data Scientist, Data Analyst

Skills Outcome

Data Analysis Process

Overview of Data Analytics

Learn basic notions of programming in Python

Query data using SQL and NoSQL approaches

Apply common machine learning algorithms

Delve into AB testing, NLP and GeoSpatial Analysis