CodeOP Full Stack Development Bootcamp


Our approach is holistic. We want you to get a sense of what it’s like to work as a developer in the tech industry, so in addition to teaching you the technical frameworks, we also bring in professionals to teach about UX and UI design, product development, data engineering, data science, and project management in the agile environment as well as resiliency and community. You’ll spend the first few weeks reviewing the foundations and focusing on programming fundamentals, before moving on to advanced JavaScript, data structures, and algorithms.


Basic numeracy and logical thinking skills​

Training Mode

ILT, Online, Blended

Training Duration

112 days



Career Track

Full stack Engineer

Skills Outcome

Problem Solving Strategies via Coding Challenges.

Fundamentals of Javascript

Advanced Functions and Data Structures

Advanced Data Structures and the DOM Module.

Applying Front End Frameworks towards applications.

Working with and manipulating data on servers and databases.

Completion of three portfolio level projects.

Strategies to handle new and upcoming technologies in the web development industry and apply latest knowledge.