Certified Associate in Data Analytics


Competency in analytics – the ability to ask the right questions, parse large quantities of structured and unstructured data, translate analytic insights into actions and influence key business decisions – is an essential skill needed to be successful within modern organizations. TalentLabs’ Certified Associate in Data Analytics (CADA) prepares students on how to apply the tools of modern data analytics, visualization and optimization to solve real-world business problems. Designed by industry experts from world leading universities and companies, we designed our course in a unique way that allows our students to have the option of graduating with an additional qualification – Microsoft Certified Data Analyst Associate, Tableau Desktop Specialist or Certified Google Analytics IQ alongside our CADA programme.


Strong aptitude and proficiency in Mathematics, Statistics and related-fields

Strong problem solving skills

Training Mode


Training Duration

4 months (Intensive), 6 months (Normal) – Training : 16 weeks (Intensive) weeks training, 24 weeks (Normal) weeks training + Hands-on/Attachment : 16 weeks (Intensive) weeks training, 24 weeks (Normal) weeks training



Career Track

Data Scientist, Data Analyst

Skills Outcome

Data Analysis Process

Data Analysis Toolkit

Web and App Data Collection Tools

Business Data Collection

Data Management

Data Cleaning

Python for Data Analyst I

Python for Data Analyst II

SQL for Data Analyst

SQL for Data Analyst II

Data Driven Insights Generation (Trends, Patterns, Reporting)

Data Visualization