AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner and Developer Associate


These certifications for AWS are made to measure individuals’ abilities to demonstrate basic knowledge of the AWS platform’s available services, common use cases, account security, compliance, core services, uses, and basic AWS architecture best practices. They also measure proficiency in developing, deploying and debugging cloud-based applications using AWS.


Basic understanding of IT services and AWS Cloud

Training Mode


Training Duration

1.5 months – 2 weeks training + 4 weeks project/attachment



Career Track

Data Engineer, Developer

Skills Outcome

Explaining the Value of AWS Cloud

Understand and explain the AWS shared responsibility model

Understand AWS Cloud security best practices

Identify appropriate use of AWS operational best practices

Understand AWS Cloud costs, economics and billing practices

Describe and position the core AWS services, including compute, network, databases and storage

Identify AWS services for common use cases

Developing cloud-based applications using AWS

Deploying cloud-based applications using AWS

Debugging cloud-based applications using AWS