Applied Deep Learning Part-Time Certificate


Computer Vision is already present everywhere in our lives, from driving your car, to using your favourite search engine. In Deep Learning at Forward School, you will learn different advanced techniques and algorithms of Deep Learning for Computer Vision, from image processing, image classification, object detection to image segmentation, using the Deep learning 4j framework.

By the end of this program, you will complete a project on computer vision application and take an in-house examination to evaluate your understanding that is necessary to be a certified Deep Learning Engineer.


Earned a passing score for Forward School’s aptitude test.

Having some programming knowledge and experience will be advantageous.

Training Mode

Blended Learning: Combination of Face-to-Face and Online Education

Training Duration

2 months, part-time. Commitment of 2 full days in a week.



Career Track

Deep Learning Engineer

Skills Outcome

Gain a clear and detailed understanding of how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning work

Learn in-depth, advanced Deep Learning techniques and algorithms for Computer Vision tasks

Learn the deployment of Deep Learning models with Deep learning 4J framework for production

Obtain hands-on experience for advanced digital image processing and classification concepts

Learn the fundamentals needed for a state-of-the-art image recognition project

Understand the broad opportunities for automation with Deep Learning