Training Level


Training Duration (Days)


Training Mode

Physical classroom & online


  1. 3D Concept Artist
  2. Environment Artist
  3. Character Artist
  4. Animator
  5. FX Animator
  6. UI Artist
  7. Texture Artist
  8. Level Designer
  9. 3D VFX
  10. Render Artist
  11. Unity
  12. Unreal

Career Track

  1. 3D Artist
  2. Game Designer

Industry Skill

Accreditation Body


Skill Outcome

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Sculpt high-resolution and game-ready 3D characters in multiple styles, including hyper-realistic and stylized for 3D Video games or Virtual Reality platforms.
  2. Show technical aptitude and efficiency in three-dimensional modelling by applying best practice techniques to the construction of a 3D character base mesh.
  3. Deliver clean and efficient UV layouts according to any technical requirements.
  4. Utilize and demonstrate successful texture workflow and high to low polygon bakes to create essential texture maps.
  5. Create and assign advanced features of texture materials, lights, and render settings.