SOCSO will fund up to RM4,000/pax for courses pursued by Employment Insurance Scheme (EIS) members who are receiving unemployment benefits. Selected courses offering certification are also eligible for funding up to RM7,000 under PENJANA 2.0 Hiring Incentive (except for max of RM4,000 for the apprentice category).


The course is conducted by HRDF Registered Training Providers. HRDF registered employers are allowed to make claims for employees that take this course.

Training Level


Training Duration (Days)


Training Mode

1. Physical classroom
2. Online


Programming fundamentals
Core Python syntax
Basic statistics

Career Track

Data Scientist

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Accreditation Body



By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Knowledge of hypothesis forming and testing
  • Curation of relevant data using visualisations that assists stakeholders’ understanding
  • Explore and analyse data for insights using visualisation
  • Explain insights with clear and compelling written, verbal and visual communication
  • Extraction of knowledge and insights generation
  • Map data sources to data visualisation libraries
  • Ability to write code to read data, access packages, apply logic Debugging, profiling and optimization
  • Ability to clean data through statistical approaches, such as identifying outliers
    Ability to transform data into machine-readable formats
  • Create, read, update and delete on databases and apply data normalisation
  • Deep knowledge of statistical and mathematical concepts Identify trends and behaviours with descriptive statistics
  • Knowledge of common models for prediction such as linear and logistic regression
  • Ability to research latest methods to improve the accuracy and results Knowledge of big data tools and platforms to access data and run models
  • Ability to manage the deployment of model lifecycles Identify, monitor, and measure quality of models over time
  • Data Governance