An online incubation programme that assists animations, games and digital creative content development studios to equip studio leaders or key individual to grow in this competitive industry through programs designed and organised by MDEC and partners

We’ve planned Game Seminars covering topics like Market Trends, Exploring Business Models, Resource & Project Management, and Ways of Pitching delivered by Industry Professionals. Participants will also be able to schedule one-on-one mentoring sessions with specific industry experts in a variety of specialised areas of expertise. Lastly, the program will culminate in a Pitch Session where studios will be pitching their hearts out to a panel who will decide on the best pitches. The best pitches of the program stand to win a small incentive to help give you a slight head start.

The end outcome of this program is a strong Pitch-Deck to secure funding as the participants of the Digital Content Start-Up will be first in line to be eligible for the next stage, which is our other funding opportunities such as the Digital Content Creators Challenge 2023 grant.





Projects to be incubated and given access to industry veterans as mentors to better prepare them for the next stages of production and eventual publishing



Projects to be incubated and given access to industry veterans as mentors to better prepare them for the next stages of production and connect them to content buyers ​



How it works


  • It is a month-long program designed for start-up companies to learn, be mentored and get connected with the industry to accelerate the growth of their businesses.
  • The program admission by application where short-listed companies will be eligible to participate in this program
  • No fees is required to participated in this program. There are no IP rights / acquisition rights to the companies or content created by the companies
  • This program is conducted in English for local and international partners supporting the program​
  • Participants will be supported by resources, network and information to plan and grow the companies


Criteria for applications​

  • A Malaysian registered company with having business involved in digital content economy
    ecosystem activities.

Incorporated in Malaysia for not more than Five (5) years​

  • Either enterprise, private limited or limited liability partnership
  • Not more than ten (10) permanent staff

Qualifying with involvement in at least 1, 2 or 3 of the 3 main industries supported:-​

a. Involvement in Animation and/or Games industry


DC STARTUP Benefits ​

Upon completion of Phase 1, participated companies will be invited to participate incentive program by MDEC such as;

  • Have a better and clear business model that meets the currently industry demand
  • Free Business Access to MDEC organized SEA conference
  • Invitation to exhibition showcase complementary at MDEC conference (if applicable based on product)
  • Connected to latest information on MDEC’s funding program​
  • Invitation to business networking connection program with local and international business partners (if applicable)
  • Invitation to MDEC promotional services platform
  • Access to premium MDEC learning vault content​
  • Games and Animation businesses will be invited to the Phase 3 of the Program which is the Digital Content Creators Challenge (DC3) and other funding opportunities.


Batch 1 Program Duration : September – December 2022​