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What Is 4th IR Catalyst Grant (4ICG)?

4ICG is designed to catalyse the use and development of IR4.0 technology into key business verticals as outlined in the National 4IR Policy.

The grant will be used solely for the purpose of co-creation, problem-solving and commercialisation of 4IR solutions.


To support the scaling up of Malaysian-based technology companies into the global arena by way of co-creation, problem-solving, innovation, development and commercialisation of disruptive or innovative products or services for the global market in order to build Malaysian-based global icons

To Increase productivity, product/service quality, improve quality of life and preservation of ecological integrity of 10 key economic sectors and 6 supporting sectors of the Malaysian economy as outlined in the National 4th IR Policy


For Local Company

Up to fifty percent (50%) of the total project cost, subject to a ceiling limit of RM2,000,000 whichever is lower

Project Duration:

Up to 1 Year

*Duration: Total fund for project duration up to one (1) year

For Foreign Owned Company

Up to thirty percent (30%) of the total project cost, subject to a ceiling limit of RM2,000,000 whichever is lower

Project Duration:

Up to 1 Year

*Duration: Total fund for project duration up to one (1) year



The Applicant is required to meet the following specific condition throughout the project period:

  • The project under application must be new. Projects in progress will not qualify
  • The Applicant must demonstrate that it has secured the commitment of the end-user to fund their share of the project cost at the time of application (Agreement/LOI/MOU/PO)
  • The Applicant must procure approved cost items from Malaysian incorporated organisations for ecosystem development purpose unless there is valid justification provided such as no local supplier, or is counter productive
  • End-users are to come from the following verticals as outlined in the National Fourth IR Policy:
  • Key Sector: Wholesale and retail trade/Transportation and logistics/Tourism, finance, and insurance/Professional, scientific, and technical services/ Utilities/Manufacturing/ Healthcare/Agriculture/Education or
  • Supporting sectors: Construction/Real estate/Mining and quarrying/Information and communication services/Arts, entertainment, and recreation services/ Administrative and support services
  • Technology solutions to embed any combination elements of the following: Artificial intelligence/Internet of Things/Blockchain/Cloud computing and big data analytics


Supporting Sectors


Arts, Entertainment & Recreation

Real Estate

Administrative & Support Services

Information & Communication Services

Mining & Quarrying

Foundational Technology

Artificial Intelligencen

Internet of Things

Cloud Computing


Big Data Analytics


Mandatory documents for submission:

  • Fully completed and signed application form.
  • Company Profile.
  • Incorporated for more than 1 year: Company’s financial statement (Copies of 1 year latest audited account).
  • Board of Director Resolution on the appointment of authorized signatory as per template.
  • Project Proposal.
  • Provide proof of project completion (i.e closure letter from the ministries / agencies). For applicant applying or previously rejected funds.
  • Supporting documents evidencing outsourced /collaboration portion of the project as per project costing.
  • Declaration by company on its solvency status.
  • Certified true copy (CTC) of award(s)/ recognition(s) received in the past 5 years.
  • Supporting documents confirming End-User partner has agreed to fund their share of the project cost.
  • MDEC reserves the right to request additional information from applicant at any time.


Step 1

Register and Login with your credentials to GAIN Awards Platform

Step 2

Click “Start Application” under My Applications

Step 3

Select Department “Grants and Funding”

Step 4

Select Program “4IR Catalyst Grant”

Step 5

Provide your company details and upload your application form and supporting documents

Step 6

Click “Submit Application” once completed (Deadline by 19th May – 30th June 2022)

Step 7

Completeness & Compliance Checking by MDEC

Step 8

Pitching Session by Applicant

Step 9

Approval Process

Step 10

Application Result


Get your Matching Grant up to RM 2,000,000 with 4th IR Catalyst Grant

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