Let’s Learn Digital

Let’s Learn Digital

Enhance your Digital Tech skills via FREE TRAINING.

Future-proof your digital tech skills.


Who is eligible for this programme?

Malaysian students and workforce.

What is being offered?

Free access to courses.

Who are the provider for the course/certification?

Microsoft, Meta, SAS, Oracle and Training Providers under the Digital Skills Training Directory

When is the campaign period?

Registration: 1 Jul - 31 Dec 2022
Training: 1 Jul - 31 Dec 2022


Meta Malaysia Blueprint Digital Marketing Associate Certification Program is to help empower students to expand their digital skills and grow their careers.

Turn a huge amount of complex data into knowledge you can use. Apply the most advanced analytics, business intelligence, data management and AI solutions to your toughest problems with SAS Skill Builder.

Build cloud proficiency on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Discover your path. Whether you’re just starting or an experienced professional, our hands-on approach helps you arrive at your goals faster, with more confidence and at your own pace.

Be a future-proofed talent via Digital Tech Training that meets your career needs in areas such as Data Science, Cybersecurity, Software Development, Animation, Game Development, Fintech, Digital Marketing and Digital GBS.

Enjoy free training courses and certifications by verifying your student status. This offer is currently available to all university/college students in Malaysia.

Upskill yourself for your job of the future with this online course. The programme will include various subjects surrounding DIGITAL Including the Internet of Things ( IOT), Artificial Intelligence  (AI ), 5G, Automation and many other interesting technological topics.

Start and Grow Your Business Opportunities Malaysia

Future-proof your digital tech skills.


Malaysian students and workforce

In collaboration with our partners, you can select various digital tech courses for free.

Registration : 1 July – 31st December 2022

Training : 1 July – 31st December 2022

Yes, you may enroll and complete multiple courses within the campaign period.

Microsoft, Meta, SAS, Oracle and Training Providers under the Digital Skills Training Directory.

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