The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow. If Malaysia is to remain a key digital player in the future, we must begin equipping our youth with the knowledge to do so.

Launched in partnership with public and private academic institutions, our Tech Talent Development initiatives aims to empower the nation’s youth by providing them access to the digital ecosystem. Our goal – to have our youth drive digital innovation in the not-so-distant future.

Talent Development

According to studies, an additional 185,000 jobs will be introduced to the digital industry by the year 2020. These jobs will be spread out amongst emerging areas such as FinTech, Creative, eCommerce, IoT, Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect by 2020.


The digital workforce as of 2017


Estimated amount of digital jobs in 2020


Estimated growth of talent requirement by 2020

Creating & Nurturing Talent

As the world shift towards digitalisation, we here at MDEC have the responsibility to help ensure that Malaysians are able to adapt accordingly. We here at MDEC believe that it is our responsibility to prepare the people for the future and have prepared a series of programmes that can help Malaysians prepare for the digital future ahead.

School Students

We help lay the foundations of digital knowledge.

Relevant Programmes:

Tertiary Students

We help hone the knowledge into marketable skills.

Relevant Programmes:

Existing Workforce

We help the workforce expand their horizons.

Relevant Programmes:

Latent Talent

We ensure that the digital nation is inclusive to all.

Relevant Programmes:

Our Achievements

Over the years, we’ve introduced numerous programmes and initiatives to push digital knowledge to the forefront. Here’s what we’ve achieved thus far:

Computational Thinking / Computer Science

Integrated into the national school curriculum


Number of students participating in IT-related courses


Established Premier Digital Tech Institutes


Estimated growth of talent requirement by 2020


Universities that offer data courses


Number of Digital Ninjas


Number of data professionals in Malaysia


Number of cybersecurity professionals in Malaysia


Number of users in eUsahawan, eRezeki and GLOW


Number of women in the Cyber-risk programme

Tech Talent @School

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Tech Talent @Institutes of Higher Learning

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