A Nation of Opportunities

Why Malaysia?

Malaysia is a nation like no other when it comes to possibilities. Located strategically in Southeast Asia, our diverse and future-proof talent pool as well as an investor-friendly environment makes Malaysia a fertile ground for businesses to truly thrive.

By complementing these unique traits with Malaysia’s world-class infrastructure, a high digital penetration rate, and of course our guidance, we can help ease your venture into the regional market.


Malaysia is located strategically along Southeast Asia’s air & sea route, making it an attractive destination for foreign companies

  • Linked by more than 1700 weekly flights
  • Linked globally by 39 main line operators
  • Greater KL is within eight hours by flight to major cities and growth economies


Multilingual and tech savvy, our local is one of the best in the region

  • Literacy rate
  • Low unemployment rate
  • A young workforce with over 70% of the population below 40 years old

Source:Wills Tower Watson, PWC and Department of Statistics Malaysia


Our highly competitive business environments allow investors to jump onboard quickly

  • Ease of licensing approvals, tax admin & efficiency of cross border trading
  • A comparatively low corporate tax rate
  • Competitive banking market, accommodative credit policies & robust regulations


Malaysia is equipped with a robust infrastructure that connects businesses to the global market

  • 5 international airports and 7 international seaports that links the country to the global market
  • Telecommunications network served by digital,fibre optics and satellite technology
  • 30 highways that link major growth centres to airports and seaports


The cost of doing business in Malaysia is highly competitive

  • Greater KL has the lowest cost scores amongst Asian cities
  • One of the lowest Grade A office rental rates in Asia
  • Rated the least expensive ASEAN city to live in

Source:1. PwC Cities of Opportunity 7 Benchmark, JLL 3rd Quarter 2016 Asia Pacific Office Rental Report2. Economist Intelligence Unit Worldwide Cost of Living Report 2017


The nation is ready to take digital growth to a whole new level

  • 77.9% Malaysia’s broadband penetration rate as of 2016
  • 64% estimated smartphone ownership rate amongst Malaysians
  • 67.7% estimated amount of Malaysians that have at least one social media account


Malaysia is your gateway to the ASEAN markets

  • 7th largest economy in the world
  • A GDP of up to USD2.5 trillion with a recorded average growth of 6%
  • Serves over 625 million consumers from 10 countries


Malaysia offers a one-of-a-kind experience that cannot be found anyway where else in the world

  • Home to a tropical climate with little risk of natural disasters
  • 6th best place to retire in the International Living, Global Retirement Index 2017
  • 9th for preferred destination for tertiary education in the world by UNESCO


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