The prevalence in technology today has led to a disruption in the way we accomplish our goals. There is no denying that Digital Transformation has drastically changed the way we do things. However, Digital Transformation isn’t just limited to the tools we use; it also affects the individual living through it, and by extension, the entire nation.

As the digital economy grows ever larger, it has become extremely important that Malaysia is prepared to embrace the digital shift. As such, we’ve partnered up with the Malaysian government, industry experts, educational institutes and many other agencies to ensure that the nation can rise to this challenge.


In line with our objective to prepare Malaysia for the digital revolution, we’ve identified three key strategic thrusts that will form the basis of the nation’s digital strategy.

Digital Inclusivity

A prosperous nation is one in which its citizens work together for the common good. We aim to empower Malaysians both young and old through digital means in order to enhance their productivity, resulting in a better nation for all of us.


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