The rise of technology has led to a disruption in the way we work and live. The Digital Era has changed the way we do things. This change is not just limited to the tools we use; it also affects every Malaysian, and by extension, the entire nation.

As the digital economy grows, Malaysia must be prepared to embrace the shift. As such, we have formed collaborations between the government, industry players, educational institutes and many other stakeholders.


In line with our objective to prepare Malaysia for the digital revolution, we have identified three key strategic thrusts that will form the basis of the national digital strategy.

Digital Adoption

Providing the people with the right knowledge is half of the equation; providing them with the necessary tools to leverage knowledge is crucial to ensuring that the nation is able to achieve maximum benefit from the digital age. This is where the Digital Adoption strategy comes in.

By engaging with both the public and private sector, we are working to create a business environment that fully embraces technology. Our goal for Digital Adoption is simple: to increase business velocity and improve the quality of life in the country by leveraging the advantages of technologies.

Our Key Focus Areas:

  • Introduce opportunities for Malaysians to participate in the digital economy
  • Inspire digital adoption through eCommerce
  • Provide companies embarking on a digital adoption journey with a structured approach


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