MDEC’s MyDroneTech Initiative aims to fast-track growth of Malaysia’s DroneTech industry and high potential companies by advocating forward looking policies, building collaborative ecosystems, and connecting relevant communities and facilitating growth programme.


MDEC’s DroneTech Testbed Initiative aims to fast-track growth of Malaysia’s DroneTech industry and high potential companies by advocating forward looking policies, building collaborative ecosystems and connecting the DroneTech communities. The outcome that we aim to achieve are to increase awareness on safe flying, increase adoption of DroneTech to showcase its IR4.0 implementation, improve Malaysia Drone Readiness Index Ranking on the global stage and supporting local Dronetech companies to become global champion! .


The World Economic Forum and Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) had announced a collaboration to co-design and pilot policy principles and regulatory frameworks to accelerate the societal benefits and mitigate risks from Drone Technology. MDEC will work specifically with the Forums’ Aerospace and Drones portfolio to realise the objectives of this collaboration.

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Various DroneTech application case studies have been identified, applied, tested and R&D.


Investment Monitoring
  • High-reso video for 3-D enabling, creation of digital terrain models (DTMs) and data for initial site status, report verification and analysis and environmental impact assessment/verification

  • Maintenance
  • Reduces cost & lowers risk e.g. wind turbine tower inspection cost $1,500/tower (manual) vs $750/tower (drone assisted)

  • Asset Inventory
  • Quicken exercise and can further accelerate process via use of IOTs (e.g. RFID tagging) for more detailed cataloguing
  • Transport

    Parcel Delivery
  • Boost e-Commerce by providing faster and cheaper last-mile delivery option (e.g. Amazon Prime Air – $2 to $8 vs 10 cents for ~2kg parcel) and facilitate delivery to hard-to-reach places

  • Spare Parts
  • Maersk expects to be able to save $3k to $9k/ship/yr using UAV technology to deliver part to ships

  • Medical Logistic
  • Advance study being conducted for drug transport and flying defibrillators especially rural/high-traffic areas. (study shows a jump from 8% to 80% survival rate)
  • Agriculture

    Crop Supervision
  • Integrating every stage of the crop lifecycle e.g. soil analysis, seed planting, choosing the right moment for harvesting for better output.

  • Soil & Field Analyses
  • Using 3D mapping to aid better seed planting, optimizing irrigation and fertilization works

  • Health Assessment
  • Using visible light (VIS) and near-infrared (NIR) to detect diseases and conduct crop spraying. (5x faster than traditional means e.g. tractors)



    #Letsbuildtogether Malaysia’s DroneTech Ecosystem! We look forward for any collaborations with interested partners to catalyse the DroneTech industry in Malaysia.

    If you are interested to join our MyDroneTech Ecosystem, email us at mydronetech@mdec.com.my


    FINE not exceeding RM50,000 for individuals or JAIL not exceeding 3 years or both Fine not exceeding RM100,00 for corporations

    For more info, you may refer to this LINK

    SECTION 140(1)

    All airspace are no fly zone by default

    Exceptions are below 400′ and meet the following additional requirements

    SECTION 140(3)

    Do not attach anything or carry additional payload

    Including animals,or any objects.And no parachute release of any payload

    SECTION 142 (1)

    Safety is pilot’s full and sole responsibility

    Fly only when you feel safe to do so and after taking full safety and security consideration

    SECTION 142(2)

    Maintain unaided line of sight at all times

    Prevent and avoid collision with other aircraft,vehicles and structure

    SECTION 144(1)

    Less than 20kg excluding power system

    Unless with permission in accordance to sub-rule 1 to rule 189 CAR 2016

    SECTION 141 (1)

    No commercial operation without permission

    SECTION 143 (1)(e) and (f)

    50m from any human,vessels,vehicles or structure at any time

    SECTION 143 (1)(c)

    No flying over gathering of more than 1000 people

    SECTION 143 (1)(g)

    30m from any human,during take-off and landing

    SECTION 143 (1)(a) and (b)

    150m from any residential,commmercial,industrial or recreational areas