Malaysia DroneTech Festival
(MyDroneTech Fest 2020)

MDEC’s MyDroneTech Festival Initiative aims to advocate the growth of Malaysia’s DroneTech industry and high potential companies by advocating forward looking policies, building collaborative ecosystems, and connecting relevant communities and facilitating growth programme.

Emerging Drone Ecosystem

10 February 2021

Come join us and gain some insights on the business approach to the drone industry and how you can play a role in the evolving drone ecosystem.

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Hyper-Interdisciplinary Conference in Malaysia 2021

16 January 2021

Join us in the Aerodyne Special Session where we will discuss on Drone Economy and Its Impact on Society!

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World UAV Federation’s (WUAV) Malaysia Chapter’s Virtual World UAV Summit (VWUS) 2021

25 January 2021

VWUS2021 will be promoting and sharing about the Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) technology updates and policy/regulation developments.

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ASEAN Drone Roundtable

23 December 2020

Watch key industry drone leaders in ASEAN share about drone technology, regulations, and expanding the market to ASEAN countries.

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2021 Drone Industry Outlook Webinar

22 December 2020

In this webinar, we will be looking at the forecast of the drone industry, anticipated new aspects in industrial drone application and how drone technology can be introduced into new industries.

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#MyDroneTechFest 2020 x Technology Park Malaysia (TPM) – OPEN SESSION

25 November 2020

Objective: Promotion of Malaysia’s DroneTech Ecosystem by advocating and sharing local regulations as well as showcasing local DroneTech companies’ products and solutions.

#MyDroneTechFest 2020 x MIGHT Technomart (MyDroneTech Roundtable) – LIMITED SEATS

27 November 2020

Objective: Promotion of Malaysia’s DroneTech Ecosystem by advocating & showcasing local DroneTech companies products & solution to relevant local clients and stakeholders. This platform is also to highlight proposals to MIGHT to champion the development of a National Drone Technology Framework.