The COVID-19 pandemic and Movement Control Order (MCO) has severely affected the sustainability of startups and tech companies in Malaysia. We recognise that the MCO will limit the mobility and connectivity of the companies to meet with potential investors for funding opportunities or partnership.

We are collaborating with global VCs and funding platforms to help Malaysian startups and tech companies. Read ahead for more information on our investor matching initiative, ‘Meet Your Match Malaysia’ and Alternative Funding platform .


The Covid-19 pandemic and Movement Control Order has severely affected the sustainability of startups and tech companies in Malaysia. Many companies are expected to dig deep into their limited cash reserves to stay afloat in the coming months. Companies less than 1-2 years of operations will have difficulties tapping into the Special Relief Facility funds as banks will prioritise companies with 2-3 years track record.

P2P and ECF operators provide alternative funding platform with varying risk appetites. However, these platforms still lack visibility among the general public who may be interested to invest in companies that produce essential products and services.


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We have listed all our partners’ offerings for Alternative Funding & VC’s appetite for ‘Meet You Match Malaysia’ on our Malaysia Digital Hub website.


How can I invest in these companies?

We also encourage all Malaysians to lend a hand to these rising startups that are in need of your support to continue serving you. Join us in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and let’s support our local tech companies. Together, we can play an important role in addressing this emergency.

To start investing, please visit our participating partners’ website. 

Is your company eligible for this initiative?

Requirement to join ECF  

Under the Guidelines on Recognized Markets issued by the Securities Commission (SC’s Guidelines), your business must be either: 

· Locally incorporated private companies and/or limited liability partnerships (excluding exempt private companies) with paid-up share capital not exceeding RM 5,000,000. 

Requirement to join P2P Lending  

To be eligible your company must be: 

· Incorporated in Malaysia with a minimum of 30% shareholding by Malaysian citizens Either a sole proprietorship, partnership, incorporated limited liability partnerships, private limited company or an unlisted public company Operating for at least 1 year Annual turnover of at least RM300,000.


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