Malaysia, as it now stands, has become a regional hub for creative content development and is now looking to amplify its capabilities and take on the role of a regional powerhouse. Critical to this is the continuous growth and development of the digital creative content industry. This includes developing, expanding, and evolving the core pillars for this space, such as videogames and e-games, digital arts, creative writing, visual effects, and animation.

There are multiple initiatives that digital content creators can consider to sign-up for – from grants to pitches, varied industry networking sessions, and ecosystem support. Key among them is the Digital Content Enrichment & Upskilling Programme (DICE-UP).

What is DICE-UP?

DICE-UP is an initiative that provides financial incentives, up to RM10,000, on skills development to strengthen and further grow the digital creative content industry. At the same time, it will also focus on improving the sustainability and even future-proofing the digital creative content ecosystem.

Leadership Development

Aims to increase sustainability through long-term succession planning in digital creative content industry and develop the future Malaysian leaders of the digital creative content industry by supporting aspiring Malaysians in acquiring critical leadership competencies through a corporate leadership programme.

It covers four (4) types of courses which are

  • masterclass;
  • workshop;
  • short course; and
  • online course

with a duration of at least

  • two (2) days for a minimum of six (6) hours lesson per day is applicable


It is open to Malaysians in a Senior Management position and above who works in digital creative content company with the following criteria:

  • The company is involved in digital creative content industry for at least 3 years;
  • Has commercialised Intellectual Property (IP); or
  • Has worked or is currently working on international outsourcing projects.
  • The approved course is below:

Amount Incentive

Up to RM10,000 for the course fee and/or airfare and/or accommodation.

The Applicant is required to meet the following criteria at all times:

The Company

  1. The applicant is a company incorporated in Malaysia.
  2. The applicant has not been incentivised for the same program from any entity.
  3. The Applicant is not the subject of a winding up order and has no going concern issue.
  4. The Applicant is a digital creative content company involves in the animation or game development or VFX.
  5. The Applicant has a minimum of three (3) years track record in animation or game development or VFX works either as an outsourced service provider or in creation of original works.

For Candidate

  1. The Candidate is a Malaysian citizenship.
  2. The Candidate is a fulltime industry practitioner with a minimum of one (1) year experiences in digital creative content industry.
  3. The Candidate must be employed in the applicant’s/employer’s company as at the date of application.
  4. The Candidate has a minimum of one (1) year track record in animation or game development works or VFX either as an outsourced service provider or in creation of original works.
  5. The Candidate must have confirmed his/her registration with training provider for training course or on-job-training placement which will take place no later than there (3) months from the date of application;
  6. The Candidate is required to submit and produce evidence of appointment letter;

Disbursement Guidelines

  1. MDEC to reimburse the actual amount to the applicant/employer in the event where the applicant/employer has already made direct payment to the service provider supported by receipt for Course Fee/ Return Airfares (Economy Class)/ Accommodation;
  2. Application for disbursement shall be made by applicant/employer within fourteen (14) days upon course completion in which the manner of disbursement is through online payment/issuance of cheque or wire transfer.


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