The Creative Industry Export Acceleration and Enterprise Development (CREED) is an end-to-end fund to address long-term industry growth and sustainability. CREED is designed to support established creative content companies with a history of successful IP developed and commercialised.


  1. The applicant is a company incorporated in Malaysia.
  2. The applicant has an issued and paid-up share capital of at least RM100,000.00.
  3. More than fifty percent (50%) of the legal and beneficial ownership of the applicant is vested in Malaysian(s).
  4. The applicant is not the subject of a winding-up order.
  5. The applicant must have local, regional or international partners, investors, broadcasters or distributors to support the Project.
  6. The applicant is an MSC Malaysia status company for a year or above within the Creative Content &
    Technologies cluster as defined by MDEC and complies with all conditions thereunder.
  7. The applicant has commercialized their previous IP(s) locally or globally.
  8. The applicant has been highly involved with Licensing & Merchandising activities for their previous IP(s).
  9. The proposed project is a new project that:
    • owned or co-owned by the Applicant or the Applicant has the rights to exploits the project;
    • have not been published/broadcasted;
    • have not been submitted to or otherwise produced in connection with other competitions or other government initiative programs;
  10. Where the applicant has received funding from MDEC and/or any other ministries or agencies under the Government of Malaysia of any amount exceeding RM500,000.00 (in a single case):
    • all such fund has been fully utilised; and
    • all projects thereunder have been completed i.e. all milestones have been delivered to the satisfaction of the provider of such funding as duly acknowledged and certified by the provider of such funding.


1Animation• Series
• Feature Film
1. The complete Animated Series or Animated Feature Film.
2. Marketing & promotional plans.
3. Revenue generated.
4. Export sales.
2Digital GameN/A1. The complete and playable Digital Games.
2. Marketing & promotional plans.
3. Revenue generated.
4. Export sales.