The greatest innovations can sometimes come from the unlikeliest of places. In this digital age, aspiring entrepreneurs and startups are in a better position to disrupt the industry as technology allows them to rapidly bring their thoughts and ideas to fruition.

We believe that entrepreneurs, startups and small-medium enterprises are key to pushing the country’s digital economy to the next level, which is why we’ve introduced a series of initiatives that assist these tenacious groups with their endeavours.

Malaysia Digital Hub

Discover our thriving tech startup ecosystem

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Malaysia Tech Entepreneur Programme (MTEP)

Here’s how we’re helping aspiring tech entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams

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Malaysia Innovation Policy Council

Discover how we’re driving innovation to boost Malaysia’s Digital Economy.

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Discover the possibilities that lie in Malaysia’s FinTech industry

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See how eCommerce is driving the development of Malaysia’s digital economy

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Global Acceleration and Innovation Network (GAIN)

Here’s how we’re pushing small companies to the global stage

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Digital Creative Content

Discover how we’re pushing digital creative content creators to new heights

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Islamic Digital Economy (IDE)

Here’s how we’re driving Malaysia’s Islamic Digital Economy to be the global standard

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Big Data & AI

Learn how Big Data and Artificial Intelligence is influencing’s Malaysia’s digital economy strategy

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