As digital disruption continues to transform the business world dramatically, many companies are required to embrace the change or run the risk of being rendered obsolete by the relentless march of technology.

In order to help Malaysian companies adapt to this large paradigm shift, we’ve introduced a series of initiatives that aim to assist companies with their digital transformation journey.

Challenges for Digital Transformation

In order for Malaysia’s digital economy to prosper, Malaysian companies need to adapt to the way technology is changing the rules of business. Here are some of the challenges that Malaysian companies are facing today:

The perception that Digital Transformation seems fast-paced and complex
Budget limitations as digital adoption may not be part of their overall strategy
Lack of structured approach to Digital Transformation
Shortage of digital professionals to support the journey

Digital Transformation Acceleration Programme

Here’s how we’re assisting Malaysian companies with their digital transformation plans

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Digital Transformation Labs

Learn how we bring together digital experts and innovators to assist with a company’s digital transformation journey

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Digital Manufacturing Hub

Here’s how we’re help manufacturers prepare for Industry 4.0

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Digital Innovation Ecosystem

Discover the catalysts that allows us to future-proof businesses

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Data Driven Enterprise Program

Know more how Data Driven Enterprise Program develop business enterprises towards making data driven decision to create value from data

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Discover how we’re helping companies embrace the digital era.

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