Digital Content Fund


Development Fund focuses on the development stage of the Project, the stage where it involves idea generation, production design, market research and marketing analysis. The development stage is defined as a planning phase of the Project. This includes development of the idea into working script, research and development (R&D) of the concept, business plans, and preparation of documents which are investor-friendly. Applicants with new project/IP/idea within the Eligible Project Categories are encouraged to apply for funding under the Development Fund.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. The applicant is a company incorporated in Malaysia.
  2. More than Fifty Per Cent (50%) of the legal and beneficial ownership of the applicant is vested in Malaysian(s).
  3. The applicant is not the subject of a winding up order.
  4. Where the applicant has received funding from MDEC and/or any other ministries or agencies under the Government of Malaysia of any amount exceeding RM150,000.00 (in a single case):
    1. all such fund have been fully utilised; and
    2. all projects thereunder have been completed i.e. all milestones have been delivered to the satisfaction of the provider of such funding as duly acknowledged and certified by the provider of such funding.
  5. The applicant fulfils at least One (1) of the following:
    1. the applicant has a minimum of Two (2) years track record in the development of creative works whether as an outsourced service provider or in creation of original works; or
    2. where the applicant has been in operation for less than Two (2) years, the Applicant must have a minimum of Two (2) staff [whereby at least One (1) of the staff has at least Three (3) years track record of delivering projects (whether as an outsourced service provider or in the creation of original works)] in its employment.

Scope of Projects

No. Project Type Project Format Allowable Project Deliverables
1 Animation
  • Series
  • Feature Film
  1. R&D report (character, environment, story concept);
  2. script;
  3. character and environment design;
  4. animation test or visual test clips; and/or
  5. production pitching materials.
2 Digital Game NA
  1. R&D report on game play;
  2. game concept design;
  3. game prototype test; and/or
  4. production pitching materials.

Application for 2nd batch will be opened from 17th June 2019 - 10th July 2019