Digital Content Fund

Success Stories


BoBoiBoy by Animonsta Studios

Founded in June 2011, Cyberjaya based Animonsta Studios is most well known for producing BoBoiBoy. The company received Production Fund in 2014, and successfully produced and released BoBoiBoy The Movie in March 2016. It has successfully entered the China market as well.

  • Generated more than 10 million online views
  • Sold 1.65 million tickets
  • Collected RM20 million at the box office from Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Brunei
  • Screened at 100 cinemas in Korea
  • Best Animated Feature Film for 28th Malaysia Film Festival

Visit BoBoiBoy The Official Website for more info.

Didi & Friends by Digital Durian Animation

Cyberjaya based Digital Durian Animation Studios received Production Fund in 2013 to produce 26 animated nursery-sing-along videos titled Didi & Friends. The studio is currently working on producing “Konsert Hora Honey” for the silver screen in March 2018 and plans to dub the movie in 7 languages.

  • Produced 85 2-minutes episodes and 39 7-minutes episodes.
  • 850,000 YouTube channel subscribers, 200,000 Facebook Likes, and 65,000 Instagram followers
  • 850 million views on YouTube channel

Visit Didi & Friends for more info.

Origanimals by Giggle Garage

Cyberjaya based Giggle Garage was allocated Production Fund in 2013 to produce an original animation titled Origanimals, where animals are presented in the form of origami. Origanimals is now airing in more than 100 countries including Bangladesh, Portugal, Taiwan, South Korea, Portugal, Ireland, Mexico, Brazil, United Kingdom, and countries in Southeast Asia, North America, Latin America, Middle East, Northern Africa, and Oceania.

  • Best 3D Animated TV Program for Singapore’s Asian Television Awards 2016
  • Grand prize in Japan’s ASEAN-Japan Character Competition 2016
  • Best Planning in Korea’s Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival 2012

Visit Origanimals for more info.

Ummi by Hud Hud Media

Hud Hud Media received Production Fund in 2014 and successfully produced a 3D animated musical series that infused entertainment and educational values. Each episode of the series features fun sing-along songs that promotes good moral values and encourage people to do good deeds. The series has successfully marketed and entered Indonesia, Brunei, Denmark, and Canada, and successfully secured deals in 7 other countries.

  • 83 million views on YouTube channel
  • Best Animation for NEF Awani 2011
  • Best Nasyid Song for Anugerah Industri Muzik 2012
  • Best Start Up Companies for MSC APICTA Award 2015

Visit Ummi for more info.

Hogie the Globehopper by Lil Critter Workshop

Petaling Jaya based Lil Critter Workshop received Production Fund in 2015 to produce Hogie the Globehopper. Hogie the GLobehopper is the first Malaysian-made animation to be aired on Netflix. The studio produced 52 episodes and is now aired in more than 85 countries via Netflix, Discovery Kids in Middle East and North Africa, Africa’s Showmax, and Brazil’s Globosat.

Visit Hogie The Globehopper for more info.

The Amazing Awang Khenit by Sead Studios

Cyberjaya based Sead Studios received Production Fund in 2013 to produce “The Amazing Awang Khenit” for children. The series is currently aired weekly on TV3 and TV9 and its YouTube channel generated 160,000 views to date. Sead Studios generated revenue when Media Prima began broadcasting the series on its TV stations and subsequently picked up by Media Corp. The series was later adapted into comic books and sold in convenience store.

Visit The Amazing Awang Khenit Facebook Page for more info.

Ejen Ali by Wau Animation

Wau Animation received both Development Fund and Production to start the company and develop an animation series titled “Ejen Ali”. The story revolves around a boy named Ali who became a MATA Agent by chance and is now responsible for saving the world.

In 2015, Wau Animation partnered with Primework Studios to produce 26 episodes and it went on to be the most viewed cartoon in Malaysia with over 2 million views per week.

  • Best Short Animation for 28th Malaysia Film Festival
  • 4 Golds and 2 Bronzes at Singapore’s MobEx 2017 Awards
  • Awarded YouTube Silver Button with 257,000 subscribers and 76 million views within a year

Visit Ejen Ali Facebook Page for more info.