Digital Content Grant PRISMA (DCG PRISMA)

The DCG PRISMA was introduced in 2021 and was offered by the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia (K-KOMM) as part of the Malaysian Creative Industry Stimulus Package (PRISMA). It is a grant program executable within 3-6 months, aimed at the local creative content players to produce new and exciting intellectual properties (IP) as well as aiding digital marketing initiatives and distribution of IP.


To support and encourage the creation of new digital creative content that can be accepted, marketed and showcased globally

To provide opportunity and platform for digital creative content creators in developing and creating digital creative content

To support digital creative content creators in digital marketing and promoting existing digital creative content


New/Existing Intellectual Property


RM 50K to deliver Complete Animated Short Film / Pilot Episode / PSA / Sizzle Trailer within 6 months

Interactive media /digital games

RM 50K to deliver Complete Interactive Media or Digital Games (Demo, Downloadable Content) within 6 months

digital COMIC

RM 15K to deliver Complete Digital or Motion Comic (Min 44 pages / 264 digital comic strips) within 3 months

Existing Intellectual Property

Animation • Interactive Media / Digital Games • Digital Comic

RM 50K to deliver marketing materials and execute the marketing plan within 6 months

Sample of activities under IP Exploitation /Digital Marketing:

  • Development of crowd funding materials
  • Development of IP extensions such animation, trailer, apps games, comic, artbook,soundtrack or songs developed as marketing tools 
  • IP registration in Malaysia and outside Malaysia – trademark and copyright
  • Media buy cost – airtime, print advertisements, digital, social media, streamers, influencers 
  • Development of style guide




  • Incorporated in Malaysia under the Companies Act 1965 or Companies Act 2016; and
  • Active and a minimum of 51% equity held by Malaysian(s).


  • Registered in Malaysia under Registration of Business Act 1956
  • Active and a minimum of 51% owned by Malaysian(s)


  • Registered in Malaysia under Limited Liability Partnerships Act 2012; and
  • Active and a minimum of 51% owned by Malaysians.

  • Not the subject of liquidation/winding up /bankruptcy order and has no going concern issue (as reported in the latest audited account)

  • Company director/ shareholder to declare and disclose if there is any close business relationship/close family relationship with any of MDEC’s director or employee.

  • Company director/ shareholder to declare and disclose if they are blacklisted by MACC.

  • Company director/ shareholder to declare if they are under any litigation.

  • Companies with common shareholder/s can only submit one application for the grant applied within MDEC If company previously has received any MDEC/government grant, the applicant must:
    a) demonstrate the completion and success of the funded project/s
    b) declare any notice of non-compliance/breach being recorded during the period of the funded project/s.

  • Not a broadcasters, tv networks, over-the-top (OTT) platforms or media company

  • The business nature of the company – Technology related services


June-July 2022
Call for submission
Aug 2022
Pitching and Evaluation
Sept 2022
Oct 2022
First Deliverables
Dec 2022
Final Deliverables - Digital Comic
Feb 2023
Final Deliverables - Other categories


29 July 2022, 6PM

The successful of each application are subject to the completeness of the application, the availability of the fund and the evaluation of the project


Registration for the Online Briefing Session click here.





Project Design Documentation including but not limited to:

  • Storyline and draft script or Design Document; and
  • Background Design or Concept Design; and
  • Characters (Design, Profile, Relationship) or
  • Concept Art Assets

Production & Final Stage

50% of the approved amount

  • A completed

    -Animated Short Film or Pilot Episode or Sizzle Trailer or PSA (content for Public Service Announcement); or/and
    -Complete Digital Games/Interactive Media (Demo or Prototype); or/and
    -Complete Digital Comic/Motion Comic (Min 44 pages or 264 digital comic strips)

  • Project Final Report ; and
  • Statement of Expenses supported with proof of payment in relation to all the allowable costs incurred for the project and claimed under the grant.

IP Exploitation & Digital Marketing 

Planning Stage

50% of the approved amount

  • The 6 months IP exploitation and marketing plan.

Production & Final Stage

50% of the approved amount

  • Documentation of content of IP Exploitation and Marketing activities;

  • The Project Report consists of IP exploitation and marketing activities; and

  • Statement of Expenses supported with proof of payment in relation to all the allowable costs incurred for the project and claimed under the grant.


Eligible Expenses

  • Manpower
  • Hardware and Software
  • Outsourcing Cost
  • IP Exploitation/Digital Marketing : All costs incurred related to IP Exploitation/Digital Marketing activities


Non-eligible Expenses

  • Any form of taxes
  • Company’s operating expenditures ie; utilities (phone bills, electricity), printing, office rental,
    stationaries, secretarial, audit fees are non-claimable
  • Travelling expenses which includes mileage, food and beverage and accommodation
  • Expenditures non related to the project, marketing and promotion costs (except for IP
    Exploitation/Digital Marketing)

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